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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now on "wake up with the wagners." >> dana: welcome in on this wednesday, january 20th. and the cars are in the same exact spot they were 24 hours ago as they shoot this film on the las vegas strip. still shut down between tropicana all the way up to flamingo and very to get their shot done before sunrise this morning. >> kim: we are all over this. michelle is in the mix and we'll have live team coverage headed your way. as we welcome you to the program, let's get into the breaking news. while most of you were sleeping we were getting word into the station and take you to the middle east for this update. a pakistan official says an army operation to end an attack in a northwestern university is over as we speak. in the end 20 people are dead. the pakistan taliban claiming responsibility for today's assault at this university and it was right as classes started for the day.
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area said in a phone call to the associated press from an undies closed location that the taliban was responsible for all of this. the master mind of the december 2014 attack on a school that killed more than 150 people, 144 of them children, they are saying it is the same group that just did all of this horror while most of you were sleeping. >> dana: pakistan borders afghanistan and that is where the taliban primarily operate out of is afghanistan. this university is in the northern end of pakistan. so it's not that far from the afghan bored. >> kim: we'll pay attention to this for the next two hours while we are live on the program. we have a lot of other stuff to get to this morning. >> dana: including traffic. strip still shut down this morning tom. >> tom: right now we are starting out with an accident on
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we have an outside view from one of our fast cams. it doesn't show us much but we see lights flashing in the distance. we have an accident there around valley view. we'll try and get more information than one. watch out for that one accident and we'll check back with the movie on the strip. here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks tom. we are looking at decreasing clouds throughout the day today. i think we're going to see a lot more sunshine as we get into the afternoon. 55 at noon and 58 at 4:00. we have 60's in the forecast plus more sunshine. i'm going to have all the details coming up. >> kim: thank you both. this is really interesting because it's not open to the public. here our city las vegas is
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trade show on planet earth. >> dana: scrag there and joins us live this morning. 60,000 people from all over the country in town for this large gun show taking place at the expo. >> reporter: it's a big deal. roughly three times that many people go to the consumer electronics show but any what he thinks draws 60,000 people, that is a large convention. this is the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show. there are some groups not too happy with this show in town and one of them drew comparisons between the number of people killed on nevada roads versus those who die in gun violence in nevada. gun deaths have surpassed motor vehicle deaths for six years in a row. the gun industry is holding its annual trade show this week here
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the violence policy center says that nevada is one state where gun deaths have out paced vehicle deaths for the last six years in a row. they claim a total of 429 gun deaths in nevada versus 319 deaths by vehicles for 2014. a big difference there. the gun show being held at the convention center and it's closed to the public. have you to be registered to enter and it's the largest gun trade show in the world beginning today and ending on friday. that is one of the entry ways at the expo. we saw some people going in earlier. maybe people working here. gun themed decor on the glass there. we're told there will be civilian version of military weapons and there will be some assault weapons, pistols and
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rifle. some of the things people will show right here. >> dana: didn't your late father used to do that. >> kim: craig touched on we're having a little bit of fun right now. but the presidential candidates are serious when it comes to talking about guns in america. so depending on who you listen to, there are dramatically different ideas how we should regulate guns in the united states.
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jewelry store hope this video will help catch what they are calling a smooth criminal. robbery happened tuesday afternoon at the shop on russell and eastern. owners were too afraid to speak on camera but the video tells the story. man goes inside and initiates a conversation. then in just 20 seconds lifts the glass, grabs $20,000 worth of jewels and puts them in his bag and takes off. the camera gives a good look at the man's face. if you know who he is or see this guy around town, please call crime stoppers. we did see the closeup shot of his face. >> kim: we're seeing a good shot right now. these pictures are pretty good. wouldn't surprise me if we get an update they have this guy in custody because those are good images of him.
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a big recall with the onesies. we'll explain it all ahead. >> dana: coming up minutes from now, 40 years ago a new producer took over at the tropicana. the background was not in show biz. his background was in the memberster world. >> kim: jamie foxx played the hero on the big screen many times. what is he doing talking about hero action here on the small screen? you'll hear coming up. >> dana: this is a movie set you are looking at. this is city center where they are shooting the fifth installment of the jason born movie.
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we'll >> kim: a judge in baltimore expected to hear arguments considering whether an officer
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death should be forced to testify. >> dana: porter scheduled to be tried again after his verdict could not be decided. called in the trial of one of the other officers accused another death of freddie gray. the trial was supposed to begin this week but it's been put on hold until the court decides whether to order port tore testify. >> kim: now to that onesie recall we talked about. disney parks and resorts calling 10,000 onesies they say are a choking hazard. you are seeing pictures of them on your screen. the snaps apparently can detach and pose a choking hazard. no injuries to report but this has been discovered. if you or someone you know has one of these stop using them right away and contact disney
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to get a full refund. >> dana: runnin rebels play home games there at the thomas and mack center. last night on the road in utah and the rebels in the white jerseys on the run with the dunk there. and the rebels playing loose, playing good, playing confident under the interim coach. the rebels played good last night. beat the point spread and beat the aggies 80-68. rebels are 3-0 under interim head coach todd simon. >> kim: you know how i know tom is excited about this because he walked around the camera and looked like he was surfing. >> dana: doing his victory dance. that was because the rebels won
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>> tom: we have the winningest active coach percentage wise in the country for this season. >> kim: she has her rebel red on so she's supporting. >> dana: let's check out the forecast now. we have a storm system that moved through yesterday impacting the east coast but is the rain gone for now? >> kelly: it is gone for now. we started out with mostly cloudy skies but you see the showers move in and the mountains disappear. the rain showers made their way through. not a whole lot of rain. even though it was kind of a long event, a couple of hours. it was a light rain. it was nice. it was like the hot chocolate,
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because we have clouds more mild. downtown at 44 in the valuely. summerlin you are at 46. we are seeing clouds now. back to the west clearing skies future. we're dealing with the clouds now but we'll see those pushing out later. cloudy skies, we're seeing returns on the radar in the mountains but nothing coming down out there. here is what we expect the rest of the day, decreasing clouds, light winds, high today around 60. that will be nice, especially this afternoon i think the weather will be beautiful. mostly clear conditions and our seven-day forecast more 60's on the way for the rest of the week and sunshine tomorrow. partly sunny skies on friday. we are watching another chance for rain on record is and breezy conditions. >> tom: we are looking at two things on the roadways.
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just off of the roadway at decatur. flashing lights off in the distance there. it's not going to cause a huge problem on the roadways right now. the other thing we're on is matt damon watch on the strip. right here in front of the aria complex is where they are doing the work right now. and i think we saw this same limo yesterday. haven't they cleared up that problem yet? >> it was in a wreck yesterday and still in a wreck today. we're going to check it out later on. do i understand we have kendall down there? >> it's michelle. >> tom: we'll have live reports from the strip coming but it's closed riot now while they work on the movie. a little bit of excitement on las vegas boulevard. has nothing to do with rolling the dice. we have hollywood in town.
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a swat vehicle runs into that limo in front of the aria. we're going to check for action all morning long. they have to get everything done before sunrise because this is a nighttime shoot. ikea hiring for their first store here in las vegas. 300 position approximates up for grabs. >> the store is scheduled to open this summer. there are positions available in sales, customer service, warehouse, food service and interior design. you can find out more at ikea/ >> dana: chipotle poll leader board have had a tough time but now they are talking about giving sick leave to their workers. >> they talk about having that one day in february they were going to close for a couple of hours and meet with employees. i believe it's february 8. we know more what they are going
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that day. part of it is to let them have sick leave, paid sick leave so employees who are ill don't have to go to work to make money. that is avoiding the risk of making customers sick as well and spreading germs. one of the changes they are safety protocols. >> dana: i thought most don't they? >> not all of them do. a lot of retail and restaurant stores don't have that. so think of what they've lost. this p.r. is worth the investment. >> dana: thank you very much. here is kim to keep everybody in the loop this morning. >> kim: it's 5:18. we see him in action before as the hero on the big screen but now it happened in real life. jamie foxx saving a guy from that crash.
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high rate of speed in los angeles. flips his car and it burst into flames. he suffered head and neck injuries. there is jamie foxx jumping into action. he was walking with the dad. the dad is calling jamie foxx a hero. look at him giving him hugs but jamie foxx said i just did what anyone would have done. >> i said you got to help me get you out because i don't want to leave you. you got angels around you. i don't look at it as heroic. just had to do something. and it all just worked out man. >> kim: very humble and jamie foxx giving credit to another driver who stopped to help who was an off duty e.m. t. they were able to get him out of the seatbelt. they had to cut him free. kyle was taken to the hospital
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with third degree burns and a broken collarbone. he's been arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. even though he's still in the hospital. this may be the vogue question. showing off his apartment and his knowledge. >> what are you reading right now? >> the teleprompter. >> who is your favorite disney character? >> walt. >> your favorite movie. >> hamilton. >> the video here goes through his gym, his fridge, his bedroom. he gives us plenty of moments and insight into his daily life. the big sequel will be in theaters soon enough, february 12 to be exact.
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this week's installment of the video vault. >> tom: it was the glamour of lavish production shows and the sinister background presence of the mob. in one case they were combined at the museum that is a collaboration between the museums. let's start with the opening of the top canner's -- >> a sheikness that americans recognize. >> the focus on the women was accentuated by what they wore. >> it's interesting to note the gorgeous jewels that are used which are quite expensive and a lot of hand work we now don't see in costumes. >> why bring this to the museum? >> this guy. >> he became the executive producer not because he had a great deal of expertise with production shows but there was
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gaming license to run the tropicana. >> they needed money and weren't able to get the loan and there was an opening for the mob to step in. >> just as he started, mitt si tropicana. >> this was a temporarily cake the tropicana until they gained her trust and he ultimately was very involved in tropicana even though she owned it. >> i came in with 6.4 million and within 24 hours there was left. >> as the show girls enterined the foreign disappeared. $11 million. >> it's a giant octopus you couldn't satisfy. it was a bottomless pit. >> law enforcement was watching
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were caught. >> a kansas city crime bust and former las vegas casino owner carl thomas. >> all as the glamorous costumes were paraded. >> there is a symbol of the connection between the mob and the tropicana. >> he died in 1983 soon after flipping against his bosses. brigs was penniless and worked low wage jobs until he passed away in 2013. the main collection remains at the nevada state museum. >> kim: learn something new every week about the history of our city and our state through tom's video vault. >> dana: we know part of the
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there is a live look in front of the aria as they shoot the movie down there. we have a live report from the scene in moments. >> kim: still to come. the blacklist star from this very channel in late night and dropping big news. what is he saying? it's about a big fan as you can see on your screen. we'll explain it all when "wake up with the wagners" returns. >> i'm an expert of accents and have been working on the united states in general. i've been doing the southern states like alabama and louisiana and texas. i can do any city. in the south now. if you name a part of the south i can do it. >> travel. >> i don't know, but don't hit
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>> pro >> david: live pictures out of new hampshire this morning and jeb bush trying to drum up support. latest poll numbers not good for the former governor of florida. in his home state donald trump has 48% in florida. jeb bush in his home state in fourth. >> kim: marco rubio on the stump as well this morning is tanked in the polls of late. really tough news coming into the republicans as far as the race for the presidency. but the same could be said for hillary clinton in some of the specific polls coming out of the primary states. in new hampshire she is trailing
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percentage points. >> dana: he's at 60. she's at 33% in new hampshire. she better win iowa. if she goes down in iowa and new hampshire, look out. >> kim: donald trump is supposed to be in our fine city tomorrow. we'll have live coverage. >> kelly: we're looking at warm temperatures for this time of year, this time of day anyway because of the clouds we have outside. 46-degrees right now at dean elementary school. winds calm as well. throughout the rest of the day today, the kids getting ready for school, decreasing clouds. probably going to need the sunglasses on the way home. 47 on the way there and 60 on the way back. >> kim: thank you. >> dana: coming up after this quick timeout we're talking about the problems in flint, michigan. the governor giving the state of the state address and he had to address all these problems with
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>> kim: strip closure for good reason. live pictures on your screen of movie magic taking place as we speak on the fabulous las vegas strip. michelle in the mix and we're checking in with her in moments. >> dana: you bet. donald trump gets a new ally in
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hear what sarah palin had to say >> you are interrupting me. i am answering you. >> kim: testy testimony. that's a local pastor wednesday. matt damon, make sure you "wake up with the wagners" before you go out there and do what you need to do. >> dana: he's working on the las vegas strip. the cars are in the same place they were yesterday. so this scene that they are shooting is car chase scene on the las vegas strip taking at least two days to get done and they have to get it done before
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dawn glow arrives in 45 minutes from now. >> kim: if you've watched project green light as far as how they make movies, that plays into that. kelly telling us her mom was working in detroit at the time they were filming the batman series and she said it was the same scene over and over and over again. >> dana: pete rose was banned from baseball for betting on the game. now we're hearing that the reds will induct him into the cincinnati reds hall of fame. they are going to retire his number 14 jersey. the reds will retire this in late june. he's not in the major league baseball hall of fame despite having the record for the most hits ever in the game. more than 4200 hits in his career. >> kim: let's check in with kelly and are you going to make
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hurry up. i'm going to give you a break because the last time you did traffic they were in action with one of the scenes. >> tom: i have this thunder coming down. here is kim and dana spoiling the thunder. they took it away. we'll get to it anyhow. first want to talk about an accident we mentioned here at decatur and u.s. 95. actually the people have shifted the camera view around so we're not seeing it anymore. the freeway looks fine. this was on decatur, no -t the 95. that is down on the strip on las vegas boulevard. they are doing some work right now for the matt damon movie in front of the aria. this is a shot we already saw a moment ago where they have the
5:29 am
that is the same limo we saw yesterday all jacked up and it's jacked up for the second day in a row. meanwhile travel times are looking good. no delays whatsoever on the roadways. the camera went into the scene and they were shooting as you were speaking and that is really cool. >> tom: there it is right now. >> dana: now they are going to shoot it again. back it up. back it up. >> kelly: we'll catch them the next time they shoot it. here is a look at what we expect lout the day today. mostly cloudy skies to get started.
5:30 am
going to get warmer but a chance of rain in the forecast too. we'll go overall that too. >> kim: action, take two. we are going back to the scene now. >> dana: we just saw them shoot a scene there in front of the aria. are you catching a glimpse from your vantage point? >> right here in front of me. i heard the production team all yelled action and then the scene took place. i'm going to show you guys the aftermath of a scene. you see that vehicle, that black vehicle with that big camera on it. that has the limo you were talking about being all jacked up. they are backing up all getting in place. we are in the middle of everything here. this is so cool. we were watching this yesterday and people were taking pictures. they were putting video up on social media. we are able to show you the aftermath. we are to the side.
5:31 am
be off the road because these are action scenes and sometimes they come up on the sidewalk. you can see all the cars getting back in place. yesterday we were showing you live pictures and looked like traffic on the strip. that was all part of the set. we are all getting back here in place. although this is fun for everybody to see as we saw yesterday, this does cause traffic concerns. my husband texted me and said what the heck is going on, why can't i get through the strip area. that's because it's all shut we haven't gotten a lot of information from production team but there are going to be road restrictions between flamingo road and tropicana from 8:00 last night until 7:00 this morning. i'm assuming they are shooting a night scene. you saw that limo that was all jacked up tom was talking about. they are probably shooting that
5:32 am
hours to shoot a couple of minutes worth of video. we're going to try to get a different location for our next hit so i can show you the production team standing around and all of the news here. this is neat for anybody who is i was hoping to get jason himself with a live interview but that didn't happen and probably not going to happen for me. i'm not that important. we'll try to get the best shots we can and hopefully we'll get a live shot of that limo as it's in the median. >> dana: it's amazing how close you are to this thing. that is awesome. >> kim: michelle reporting live. we're going to check in many broadcast. still to come sarah pailen in her own words and all of the stuff that made her famous first
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words headed your way. >> dana: why are fans of the late singer glenn frey flocking to arizona? we have the reason ahead. we have what is happening in our valley in terms of the weather this morning.
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and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage, get two breakfast croissants forfour bucks. >> dana: shooting scenes on the las vegas strip. we just missed another take. they are shooting the fifth installment of the movie.
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getting ready for another shot. they are going to do it again. >> kim: matt damon is associated with this. thank you to our great crew in the back replaying this for us. that is cool to see. matt damon is associated with project green light and how a movie is made from the beginning to the end. when you watch that special series on on hbo you can't believe how tedious movie making can be. >> dana: the strip is shut down from tropicana to flamingo. >> tom: normally that only happens on new year's eve. they have it shut down right now. tourist in here doing their thing. but they do this when you don't have that much strip traffic anyhow. >> kim: wait until you see michelle. she has this unique vantage point in the mix. we'll be checking in with
5:37 am
>> tom: from the department of redundancy, that is what i have lined up. this is the area we're talking about and it's moved on. we are looking at the accident which is cleared out of the way at decatur and 95. that is not affecting traveling. this is the area on the strip right in front of the city center. this is a live shot. we just saw a roll back of some of the action happening a moment ago as people are going in and out of that scene trying to set things up at the entrance of the aria complex. some sort of a boom on top of the car there as it goes through the shot. we'll take a longer view from our camera set up in a good position to see what is going on. and traffic is stopped both directions on las vegas boulevard. that is a no go for the time being. clear up around 6:30 something like that. i'll be up in sky 3 to take a look.
5:38 am
a little bit slow on south bound i15 clark county is what you expect. kelly, at least people have good weather to work with on the strip. >> kelly: i need to rewatch all the other movies to get ready for this one when it comes out. here is a look at the temperatures outside right now. as you are heading out the door 47 and pahrump at 47 at this hour. winds nice and light. they are going to stay that way throughout the day today. temperatures rising into the upper 50's and around 60 is our expected high for the day today but warmer temperatures on the way plus another chance of rain. details coming up. >> dana: 5:44 on this wednesday morning and gunfire in boulder city and police say a man known to be in a biker gang is responsible. the reason police say he did it ahead. >> kim: this is a serious story. new at 6:00 getting credit for
5:39 am
credit. is this something that you as a student want in on or fur a parent paying for college can
5:40 am
the full story new at >> kim: a local story we've been following out of the gate is the holland trial. the jury is expected to start deliberating today. >> dana: he's cued of raping some of the teenage members of his congregation. this was in henderson. yesterday the prosecutor and
5:41 am
>> i have witnesses, of course the state has turned them into evidence now. >> just answer the question. >> i am answering it. you are interrupting me. i am answering it. i want the jury -- >> stop. >> have you to listen to the question. >> be more specific. >> he's a trickster. >> may we approach the bench? >> just ask your question. mr. holland please answer the question. >> dana: she has her hands full closing arguments expected today. the jury could get this case this afternoon. he faces 17 counts stemming from alleged rapes of young girls in his congregation. >> kim: in boulder city, people say a member of the biker gang was arrested after boulder city
5:42 am
neighborhood while kids were on their way home from school. happened 4:30 yesterday afternoon. he fired off several rounds according to witnesses and police and this happened just across the street from garret middle school. police telling us it stemmed from a domestic dispute. according to the witnesses they say he is a known member of the biker gang but this was a domestic situation and didn't have to do with gang activity. nobody injured in any of this and he is facing very serious charges as he sits behind bars in town. >> dana: governor snider apologized to the people of michigan for the water crisis. >> government failed you, leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. you deserve accountability.
5:43 am
buck stops here with me. >> dana: 100,000 people in flint have been affected by lead tainted water in that city. the governor pledged that by the end of this week officials would visit every household in flint to ensure they have water filters. >> kim: sarah palin is in the news again endorsing donald trump and did so as she made the announcement nationally. check it out. >> i'm here to support the next president of the united states donald trump. you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis [beep] . >> her endorsement could prove pivot until iowa. the former laswe're getting close here.
5:44 am
hampshire primary days out. >> dana: a week from monday. we had to [beep] out a portion of her endorsement. >> tom: there was a tweet yesterday that was put out along the lines of sarah palin endorsing the man who made her a millionaire not a war hero a coward. >> dana: donald trump said john mccain wasn't a war hero. >> tom: unquestionably because
5:45 am
>> kelly: rain from yesterday, this from mt. charl state of nevada lodge camera where it's slush. you can see the roadway there, you see a slushy substance coming down but the showers on the lens up there. nothing as far as accumulating snow because we are not seeing anything new on the roof. as far as the temperatures are concerned, this is what we're looking at. henderson 47. downtown las vegas at 45. we have a lot of clouds out there right now but those will be decreasing as we head throughout the day today. here is a look at the radar. quite a bit of cloud cover left over that will be pushing out. you see the clear skies to the west. that is what is moving in for us. decreasing clouds throughout the day. and temperatures warmer than yesterday for sure. 60 for the high today in downtown. indian springs high of 55.
5:46 am
vegas today. tomorrow 61, more sunshine and we're going to keep a close eye on saturday, we could see another round of wet weather. >> tom: up in the mountains again with the wet werth. there is no accidents going on right now. so let's go hollywood. on the strip we keep going back to the shot to see if anything has changed and it hasn't changed a lot but we have crews out there in the middle of the michelle who is on las vegas
5:47 am
all of that.
5:48 am
channel 3 hours ago. >> dana: time for the water cooler.
5:49 am
show just hours ago here on channel 3 talking about saturday night live cast memberlessly jones. >> she tweeted the other day i can literally die now. this is on set. this is on the blacklist set. >> she was on our show. >> you should have gotten a restraining order. >> i wasn't aware. >> blacklisters on thursday night here on channel 3. >> kim: we know james spater not
5:50 am
the big screen and hollywood is >> kim: a university under attack. the taliban claiming responsibility. headed your way the latest on the death toll and the gunmen were able to use the weather to their advantage. >> dana: living large in las vegas. the strip is shut down right now being used as a movie set. coming up in a live report we're going to tell you why they are going to have to close down this set in minutes from now. >> kim: high-rise heat. that massive hotel fire on new year's eve bricking safety concerns when it comes to developments like this. officials say they might know
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